[ig_accordion_content][ig_accordion heading=”hello”]Content[/ig_accordion][/ig_accordion_content]
heading= insert the toggle title

[ig_badge style=””]Content[/ig_badge]
style= alert, error, notice, success

[ig_button style=”” link=”” target=””]Your content[/ig_button]
style= alert, error, notice, success (change the colors) and clean, flat, pill, puffy (change the design).
link= the URL of the link
target= _self, _blank

[ig_columns] [ig_column width=””]Your content[/ig_column] [/ig_columns]
width= one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve add also “last” to the last column

[ig_divider style=””]
style= dotted, dashed, fade
Google Maps

[ig_map height =”800″ width=”800″ coordinates=”” address=”el rehab egypt”]
coordinates= insert Google Maps coordinates
address= write your address
width= set the width in px
height= set the height in px

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