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Backpacking in Sydney

Backpacking in Sydney

Itineraries, Accommodations, and Poker Nights

KAP on Sydney Opera House 2008 – Act III… Oct 25, 2008The ideal way to travel nowadays is through backpacking because of its practicality. It’s an affordable way to go from one place to another, without taking the fun out of the experience. Even though luxurious comfort is sacrificed, so to speak, there’s no alternative to walking through cities or hiking through trails without worrying about keeping a tight tour schedule or whether your luggage already came through at the airport. Besides, backpacking has several health benefits: it reduces the risk of heart diseases, keeps the body fit and healthy, and improves cardiovascular functions.

Sydney is a favorite backpacking destination because of its diverse attractions. What should your itinerary include when you backpack around Sydney? For starters, you should climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s a famous Australian landmark, and there are scheduled climbs which are dependent on the time of the sunset. If you’re not up for a taxing climb just yet, you may opt to go to the Pylon Lookout, where an interesting display on how the bridge was built can be viewed. The iconic Sydney Opera House is also a must-see, not only for backpackers but for tourists in general. Ride the public ferry for a spectacular view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, all the way to North Sydney. Learn more about the country by going to museums which are free of charge: The Museum of Australian Currency Notes in Martins Place, and the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour which includes a free guided tour. If you’re interested in Australian art, there are galleries with free entrance such as the Art Gallery of NSW in the Domain as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks. Another free attraction near the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Gardens, with an array of plants that will make you appreciate nature more.

Since backpackers are on a tight budget, they usually seek accommodation in hostels. There are a lot of budget-friendly hostels in Sydney, and the favorite among backpackers is the Funk House. Located in the heart of Sydney, this hostel offers clean rooms and a homey atmosphere for tourists. Breakfast, luggage storage, travel guides, and airport pick-up are available without charge, and best of all, guests are welcome to join the regular poker nights. Every Wednesday, the rooftop is transformed into a mini-casino for the Funky Poker Night. Bring out the bluffing skills acquired through months of practice at Partypoker.com, and win yourself free nights’ stay for two nights in the hostel. This is the perfect prize for poker enthusiasts, and it can also save you money which can be spent for other things during your trip. These poker matches also provide a chance for you to meet fellow backpackers so you can exchange ideas and swap travel stories. After the poker games, guests and hostel staff usually go out in pubs to emerge themselves in Australian culture and also to mingle with the locals.

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