Why should you book your tickets online?

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The online world has been growing since the mobile evolution gets started. Before to the cell phone era, there were only computers and only internet is available for the systems. Even in those days, people began to use the internet for movies and download songs and of course some people used it for educational purpose.

Flight booking system brought the current booking system. Yes, all these online tickets booking system were started once they see the growth flight reservation through online. In previous days people used to go to travel agents or service providers directly, but as of now, they book everything through online since the internet comes in handy.

Today there is online bus booking system which is outgrowing and making lot of business equal to the flight transportation business. The reason behind this abnormal growth is budget booking. People from all status can afford luxury travel from one place to another through booking bus tickets online.

Let us say; you have to go a place which is 500 Km away from your area. There are three options for you.

Own Vehicle
Train booking
Flight booking(If available)
a traditional bus travelling
If you go by your vehicle, you have to spend more money, and you will be tired of travel when reaching the destination. Of course, the own vehicle can be the boon for everyone as it gives more convenience to you.

The second is train booking. It is a classic method of travelling. There are two benefits in train travelling. One is fast travel, and second, it comes under budget. But the sad fact and backdrop are it can’t be booked last minute as expected. Even though if you get the ticket, you have to spend more money and still end up in not getting expected seat.

If you are rich in money, then this is the best option for you. It will give you fast, and luxuries travel than any other transportation mode. 99% of people won’t select this option as it is costly.

So what is the another option which has the following

1. Luxury travel

2. Budget travel

3. Won’t make you tired

Bus travelling gives all these benefits. I am not talking about the ordinary bus travel, and I am referring to the luxury bus travel which is operated by private bus operators. There are a lot of private bus operators in India. They are all providing the luxury travel at a budget cost. These buses can be categorised as following

1. Normal Seater

2. Seat with AC

3. Semi sleeper

4. Semi sleeper with AC

5. Sleeper

6. Sleeper with AC

7. Benz bus

8. Volvo bus

The cost of the buses is going ascending as mentioned in the list. The bus travel takes 2+ hours higher than the average car trip, and it is very safe. Most of the bus operators are operating their bus at night only. While you are sleeping, they have been driving the bus. When you wake up, you will reach your destination.

There are a lot of leading bus operators who are almost covering all routes in India. They are

1. KPN Travels

2. SRS Travels

3. Sharma Transports

4. Kallada Travels Suresh Kallada

5. Kesineni Travels

6. SRM transport




10. ABC Travels

and much more

All of them are all most covering all point of India and expanding their service more. The basic private bus operators operate buses for the route which has the minimum of 100 KM distance to maximum 1200 KM.

So next time when you plan to travel long distance book the bus tickets online and make your journey as planned and easier. This helps to save your fuel cost and leads to the green world by reducing the carbon.

Most of the bus ticket booking platforms have same standardisation for booking tickets to make it easy for people to book bus tickets. When you think about booking tickets for your source and destination you might have doubt that your source may be available at bus operator’s portal.

Your doubt is right because all bus operators cannot cover all routes in India. So when you search on individual bus operators website, you have to do it every time, if you could not find our route on their site. To avoid this, you can use bus booking portals like purebus.com to book bus tickets. They are not bus operators, and all they do is integrating all major bus operators in India under the same platform and avail the people for booking.

Here you don’t need to jump to individual bus operator’s site to book bus tickets. When you enter source and destination in your route page, you will be given with all the operators and their buses on the route. Now you can select a bus and seat to book tickets.

Here in PUREBUS, there are more than 2000 bus operators are integrated, and 80000+ routes are available for bus booking. It makes your job easier and saves the time. What if you can’t have the desktop access when you need to book bus tickets. Here is another way, you do not need to worry about that as the portal provides its mobile app for Android users.

The app only consumes less memory so that you can easily download and use. The mobile app works much faster than the desktop version. All Online payment methods are integrated to make ease of the payment for the ticket.

You favourite banks card can be used either it can be credit or debit card. Some other third party non-bank payment options such as Paytm and free charge are available on the portal. If you have already had an account with those people, you can easily login to the wallet and make payment.

When the technology grows faster, you have to adopt yourself. Otherwise, you will miss your chance of being fast at everything you do.
So try to use technology without hesitation. If you are still waiting at the counter to book any tickets, you have been missing the environment of the fast-face world.

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