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How To Climb Faster On Your Bike?

It is not all days that we will get to ride on flat terrain. There comes a time where riders encounter hills whether small or big which need intense climbing with a mountain bike. This guide intends to enlighten the rider on how to climb faster. You should note that this can only be done in a smart way so as to save energy.

Climbing faster while on your bike entails lots of dynamic ingredients which must all be incorporated together though not at the same time. An essential ingredient is effort. Without effort, there is nothing that can be achieved.

You have to push yourself whether you like it or not. Attitude is also something that matters when encountering hills.View it as a challenge which must be tackled in mind at first. Test your leg strength and endurance. The essential ingredients are pace, sitting posture, Upper body, Gearing, Balancing power to weight ratio and controlling breathing.



Professionals have advised that the rider should take deep strong breaths which will help keep the rider calm as they tackle the tedious climb. The breathing process should be initiated deep in the belly thus filling the lungs entirely.

Most riders make the mistake of using the top half of their lungs to breathe. This results to them taking low uneven breaths as they climb the hill. The danger in this is that the rider limits how fast they get fresh oxygen to their working muscles.

Like I had earlier on indicated it climbing faster is about being smart not just applying all your energy unnecessarily.



Statistics have proven that those riders who climb while not sitting use more than 5 percent energy than the rider who climbs while having their rear end planted on the saddle during the climb. The right way to do it is by shifting your weight back slightly for maximum leverage on the pedals.

If it happens to be essential for you to stand during the climb. Try keeping your butt back till your thighs brush with the nose of the saddle, and your weight is over the crank.

Professional climbing specialists are the ones who can handle the standing posture. If you are not yet there, I would recommend that you just assume the sitting posture during the climb.


A fast climb should handle with tactics so as to be efficient. Do not start the climb in a hurry, and you will get tired quickly and then slow down before you even reach the top. Ensure your breathing is deep at the start which results in your heart rate assuming a comfortable pace.

As your body gets used to the climb, try increasing your effort until you are climbing at a reasonable fast pace. Remember what matters most is the finish. Always finish strong.


We must not forget that most bikes that tend to favor fast climbing are a bit mechanized. Most of the bikes have a gearing system, in fact you need to get the right mountain bike according to your need. Therefore it is advised that the rider should use the right gearing which is supposed to be the easiest gear.

The plan is to gear down and keep the rhythm in a comfortable range. Do not be afraid to use the easiest gear thinking that it will mess you up. The recommended cadence is above 70 rpm.


Loosen Your Upper Body

It is pretty obvious that when climbing, your upper body does not do much work. Let your upper body be on relaxing mode so as to avoid wastage of energy unnecessarily.  You can see a loosened upper body by the elbows which should be outside the knuckles of the rider.

The vice versa is your elbows being in thus restricting your breathing in one way or another.

It is all about employing the above-discussed tactics, and the climb will be smooth and easy. Most riders rely on energy too much forgetting the determination, skill and tactics part.

The more climbs a rider does, the easier fast climbing becomes for them. Intensity always increases with each climb. Therefore practice all the aspects I have highlighted to near perfection, and all shall be well.




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