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Making our transition from doing simple photography to specializing in capturing travel memories has been a long and arduous one. You would think it would just be a matter of saying “we’re going to do this now instead”, but in changing some of our branding, or equipment and otherwise, has proven to be quite the investment. In the end though, we have to say it’s all worth it. Through my years in doing photography work, I have found that in today’s digital age, the main keepsakes that people seem to be focusing on are those that don’t happen every day, and for most of us, it’s not every day that we get a vacation.

I know to some reading, you may be wondering why we decided to go with a blog rather than a standard website design, and the reason is, we wanted to give a more personable approach to what we do. It’s never been about simply selling a business offering, because when it comes to memories of this magnitude, it’s always been about the stories attached to them. And when we share our information, we find it’s also about the stories. About how we first got into the business, about how we changed our direction, and about how we move forward from that particular moment to where we are now and beyond.

Our photography business is one that has gone through many transformations, and from the inception to our current standing, it has been nothing short of an adventure from moment to moment. To go from pointing and shooting to printing out memories that will last on the walls of peoples homes for generations has had its twist and turns, and yet we have enjoyed every moment of it. Just as I’m sure that each customer who comes in with their own story to tell has had their share of diversions and changes to the plan to wind up where they are.

One of our favorite moments is when the customer comes in with that favorite photograph and begins just rambling off about the story attached to it without even realizing what they’re doing. They always seem so apologetic in the aftermath, yet we can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to hear just a myriad of stories. We have been privy to information regarding trips to tropical destinations, historic landmarks, and much more, and each one has had it’s own tale attached to it.

This blog is simply to share some stories, perhaps ones of our own, and some of our clientele, without breaching any trust in information sharing of course. But simply to bring more people into these tales, and to allow them to experience them through their own lens on the world, and perhaps to take their own mental journey as they imagine the scene, the events and more unfolding before them as they read on the screen. We welcome you to stop by as much as you’d like, to take an adventure of your own in the moments of others.

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