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9 Things To Consider When Packing For A Catamaran Tour

If you are interested in a sailing expedition in Costa Rica, you should look forward to a fun-filled day of sailing the Caribbean water and looking at the country’s mainland in addition to other islands. Here are 8 things to consider when preparing for this memorable activity.


1. Take just one large bag with you.

For something to keep everything you bring inside of, keep everything in a sturdy, strong duffle bag. That way, everything you bring is in one convenient place, and when you carry one item, you carry every item in your possession. It will also be much easier to board and leave the catamaran when you only have one bag that you have to carry.

2. Put everything together that you need to sail.

If necessary, be sure to take important documents along with you, such as passports, charter paperwork, and copies of these documents in case they may get lost. Be sure to put all items in sealed plastic bags. Not only do they protect items from getting wet, but also you can put wet swim suits in the bags and keep other items in your duffle bag dry.

3. Don’t take much clothing with you on a catamaran.

When you are part of a catamaran tour in Costa Rica, all you need to wear is your swimsuit, a tee shirt, and a pair of shoes or sandals. If you are planning to go out for dinner at a restaurant afterwards, it would be wise to also pack an additional shirt and some shorts that you can change into later.

4. Bring along items to pass the time.

During times of inactivity, bring some small lightweight items to occupy yourself for a while. Play cards with family or friends, read a book, look for cool findings through a pair of binoculars, or listen to music.

5. Have plenty of protection from the sun.

To Caucasians, being out at sea can cause the water and sail to reflect sunlight into your skin. So unless you want to be as red as a lobster by the end of the day, bring some adequate sunblock with you with no less than 15 SPF. We also encourage guests to also wear wide brimmed hats, baseball caps, sunglasses, and/or sun visors.

6. Bring a camera.

While this is not extremely required, you will probably want to save some memories and share them with others. If you are bringing a digital camera, be sure to bring extra memory cards and batteries. If you are going to take pictures with a smartphone or tablet, be sure to bring an external battery, as there is not going to be a charging station on the catamaran. Keep your phone or camera in a waterproof bag or case, as it could get wet from oncoming waves.

7. Take prescription medicine with you.

If you have medication that you are on throughout the day, you are not prohibited from taking it with you on a catamaran tour in Costa Rica. During most tours, first aid kits will be available, including bandages, aspirin, anti nausea medication, and bug spray. So bringing either of these yourself is not necessary, but not a bad idea, either.

8. Bring your own snorkel.

If your catamaran tour provides snorkeling activities, it is advised that you bring or buy your own snorkeling equipment. Even though public snorkels may be provided, it would be similar to using a public gym’s equipment. If you do not own your own snorkel, you can buy one inexpensively.


Upper Mustang Trek Nepal

The Upper Mustang is often popular as the Lo Manthang which is also renowned to be a forbidden Kingdom. Situated to north of Annapurna area at an altitude of 4,000m in Dhaulagiri Zone, it feels like a hidden world of the old Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang with it’s great Tibetan culture, language and geography. This backcountry is enriched with barren ridges, deep canyons, eroded cliffs and Moraine valleys. This city is completely untouched by the outerworld of technology and advancement. The local people here have been successful in preserving their ancient culture and traditions which is one of the major attraction for travelers. It’s unique wilderness, splendid scenery, snow capped peaks and the memsmerizing 16th century monasteries along with it’s sole culture are the most exclusive things that attracts the visitors from all around the globe.

Upper Mustang Trek is also considered as an isolated area and the last forbidden kingdom of Nepal. Lo Manthang was opened for foreign travelers only in 1952 and before that, it was a forbidden Kingdom. This trans-Himalaya landscape is very similar to the geography of Tibet and hence, it is also considered as a mini Tibet of Nepal. Since this area lies under the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri massif, the arid land has formed an impressive series of rocks and hills around the city.

Striding into the fascinating Lo Manthang through a tall white wall surrounding the city is surely a lifetime experience in Nepal. A world of narrow alley ways, chortens festooned with impressive prayer flags, long walls with beautiful prayer wheels, herds of wandering animals in the meadows and fields, a series of himalaya especially, the gorgeous clear view of Nilgiri, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri along with several other mountains will surely blow your mind.

The trek begins from a short scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom which is an adventure in itself as you will be passing through the deepest gorge in the world: Kali Gandaki that runs between Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri mountains. Then you will follow the Kali Gandaki stream, walking on the stony river bank and some of the parts, on river bed as well. Then as one of the most famous temple in Nepal: Muktinath is situated on the trail, you should consider a visit before moving towards north into the Upper Mustang.

The trail now will be leading you towards Lo Manthang in which many passes between 3,500 and 4,000m have to be passed quite frequently. And then, trekking through an almost tree-less barren landscape, the steep rocky trail up and down hill, spectacular mountain panorama along with warm and hospitable locals at Lo Manthang will make your journey to be remembered for a lifetime.

This trek is a part of Himalayan Trekking and one of the most popular hiking in Nepal.


It Is Not That Hard To Travel Tibet (If You Know How)

Tibet is an elusive travel destination you cannot miss to visit. However, you need good ideas on how to get there. You will enjoy the warmth of the Tibetan people and the amazing features not seen anywhere else in the world. Choosing to travel to this stunning, foreboding and surreal country will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourself. The rolling hills of the high plateaus plus the beautiful Himalayas are awesome attractions. It is not that hard to travel to Tibet if you know how. This article offers some ideas.

Tibet travel permit cost

Getting there

You might get to Tibet by flying into Lhasa, the capital. However, there is also another way. You can go overland from Nepal, Kathmandu over the friendship bridge. The journey will take you through places such as Nyalam, Tingri, Skekar, Quxar, Shigatse, Gyantse, Nagartse to Lhasa. It is obvious things change, so you have to keep yourself updated on your travel to Tibet. You need to know about things like permits, travel ability plus the general stability of the country. Ensure to work with a good travel company. These are up to date on what is going on and offer alternatives to smoothen your journey.

When choosing a travel company, it is better to organize your tour through one which promised Tibetan guides. Further, a company which uses locally ran accommodation facilities wherever possible. It is a way of giving back to the Tibetan people. Ensure to look for a company with such touring standards.

Requirements for the tour

You have to visit Tibet between September to early November. The later you go the colder it gets. However, you have to obtain certain permits for your travel. These include an Alien Travel Permit and a visa. Your travel company has to be able to assist you to get the requirements. Before your journey, you can check their website for ideas on a Tibet travel permit cost. Regulations keep on changing, the best idea to keep yourself informed is to keep checking your travel agent’s site for advice.

You should not hesitate on traveling to Tibet. Spiritually it is a marvel. There is a stony silence which hangs over the air just like a clear glass case. You will enjoy the lush landscape plus the beautiful; mountain ranges. This is a beautiful place to stir your sense and nourish the soul. You will be met by unsophisticated smiles, tranquil lakes and a clear blue sky everywhere.

Fantastic attractions

Tibet is blessed with so many breathtaking tourist attractions. Some of these include magnificent monasteries, nomadic camps, snow-capped peaks, ethnic culture and pilgrims from lots of places all over the world. These will surely make you keep coming back.

There is no better time than now to take a trip to Tibet, and it is worth it. You will dwell in its historical splendor which lines the place with stupas, monasteries and local artistry. The people here always find their way to smile, and the warmth behind their eyes will offer you a rich and rewarding insight into their strength and courage.

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