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Preparing to travel? 5 ways of doing it right

When preparing to travel abroad, you need to nail down certain aspects to achieve a smooth, hassle-free trip. You might feel overwhelmed by trying to remember all the to-do things before leaving. It’s true to some extent as you not only have to manage the finances and do a thorough research on your holiday destination but also make sure that your home is in order when you’re not around.

The best part about travelling is that it brings about endless and exciting possibilities for the traveler. You may enjoy a wonderful day at Paris or get robbed in the streets of Bangkok. You may spend a relaxed day at the beaches of Costa Rica or suffer food poisoning in India. Therefore, before crossing the threshold of your door, you need to prepare for the unknown.

Here is a little refresher for all the travelers. Before heading to the airport, you need to accomplish these tasks to make sure things are in order, both at destination place and back home.

  1. Book your accommodation and transport

Booking flights, hotel accommodation and rental cars are considered the holy trinity of trip planning. When you’ve decided to go to a certain place for vacations, you must start planning immediately. You can browse the internet and search for a hotel accommodation that best suits your requirements in that city. Hotel accommodation usually depends on your finances, the length of your stay, number of people accompanying you, and purpose of your visit. If you are on a honeymoon or at vacations with kids, it is better to book a hotel suite for a comfortable and relaxed trip ahead.

Also, you should book a personal transport which will immediately pick you from the airport and will be all along with you during the entire trip so that you can make as many stops as you want. You can pay in advanced to avail the discounted offers of hotel rooms and transport fares.

  1. Determine how much luggage to carry

Start preparing for the luggage at least a week before your flight. If you’re travelling alone, then a simple bagpack is enough but if you are travelling with the entire family, you need to bring extra clothing so that you don’t have to engage yourself in laundry while vacationing. The luggage must be the right size as per the airline standards. The more baggage you carry while traveling, less you’ll be able to enjoy since you’ll have to wait at long queues at the airports or railways stations for check in of luggage.

You should carry right amount of clothing jeans, shirts, jackets, swimsuits, pair of sneakers, etc. Apart from the luggage, you should also carry travel bags that include all your official documents such as passport, credit cards, NIC, etc.

  1. Install mobile tracking app to avoid concerns over family

Are you going abroad for a business trip? What about those whom you leave behind? Once your travel date is known, you must prepare for monitoring your partner or kids when you’re away. If you’re a parent, this might be something more important than booking accommodation. You can install a mobile tracking app such as xnspy in your kids’ phones so that no matter how many miles farther you are from your home, you’ll still be connected with your family. The app will enable you to determine the exact location of your kids at a specific time, providing you a mapped view of their location. You can also watch the location history of your kids for the entire day so that you can be aware of their daily routine while you’re gone.

If you are concerned that your kids might visit some unapproved places in your absence or would get into trouble, you can create a virtual barricade through geo-fencing via xnspy. This feature sets the territorial limit of the target by marking some places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’, so that whenever your kid enters such a locality, you will receive instant alerts on your device. Thus, you can keep a tab on their whereabouts while sitting in some other part of the world.

  1. Pack your gadgets, books, and first-aid kit

When travelling, you need to take the necessary gadgets with you. Your cellphone and laptop are a must even when travelling, so that you can still be connected to your work and family. A camera is the most essential electronic you must carry to capture the memorable moments of your trip. Moreover, you can carry a few books so that when journeying by railroad or car, you won’t feel bored. This will help you pass time in cheerful manner.

You can suddenly get ill while vacationing, by food poisoning, when trekking, or due to climatic conditions. Finding a doctor in foreign land is troublesome, especially when you’re not familiar with the language. Therefore, you should have your own first-aid kit with all the necessary medicines and enough bandage to cover the entire trip.

  1. Carry cash and bank cards

Whether travelling domestic or overseas, you must keep enough local cash with you so that you can pass the trip peacefully without running to money exchangers every now and then. Since most transactions today take place via credit cards, so you could carry your bank cards as a back-up when you are low on cash. Make sure your card has PIN technology which is preferred all over the world today. You can also inform your bank about your travelling so that they can allow foreign transactions to be made from your account.

There are also conversion centers at the airports so that you can get exact conversion rates for the money you want to exchange. Though you might have made an advanced booking on accommodation and transport, but the billings must be done when you reach the destination.

Bon Voyage everyone!

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