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Cara Dasar Memancing Ikan Yang Benar
Memancing merupakan suatu kegiatan menangkap ikan yang bisa dijadikan pekerjaan, hobi, olahraga atau kegiatan di danau, laut, sungai dan perairan
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Ikan Koi
Ikan ini merupakan hewan peliharaan yang sangat lucu dan indah untuk dipandang. Menurut kepercayaan masyarakat Jepang, koi merupakan simbol persahabatan
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woof in space
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turbos tales
The saga continues new floor new toilet yeah. sitting at Duke Point waiting for the 545 so long Vancouver Island
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Turbos Tales
July 5 2017 Well we’ve decided to put off our travel plans for a few days. Talking with friends in
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An Indian Cinema Experience…
Day 47: Jess is a Wanderer went to the movies and this is what happened… You may think it’s odd that
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South Asia
image107.jpgAu moins ici il n’y a pas de fatigants qui veulent te vendre leurs ‘gogosses’ et les gens ne semblent
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A Yoga Retreat for a Complete Novice
Days 39-46: Jess is a Wanderer headed to India’s yoga capital – Rishikesh. In the Himalayan foothills, not far from
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next trip
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